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Invacare Reliant POWER 450
Adjustable height.

100% to charity!
Invacare's Reliant Power 450 with Low Base offers a higher
lifting range with a 4.5" clearance for better access to patients.  Invacare
Reliant 450 provides safe and reliable transfers with the ability to support
up to 450 lbs. The base legs easily adjust and lock securely into the open
position with the padded shifter handle and a standard second battery
pack that allows you to use one while the other is charging.

Use Invacare chain-free slings or older-style slings with chains or straps.
Perfect pre-owned.  Barely been used, looks just like new !!!
Save $700+    $1,475   SOLD !
These foot plates are
angle & position adjustable.
Aluminum, not plastic.
With heel loops.  Premium !
The Voyager Portable Lifter is the lightest, best, most popular and most reliable portable lift on the market today,
weighing only 12 pounds with the battery, and lifting up to 440 pounds.

The Voyager's lightweight design allows for portability and easy attachment to the Easytrack (sold separately) trolley.
The smooth, quiet operation ensures the person being transferred is safe and comfortable.
The patented Quick Release feature prevents having to lift the Voyager onto the rail, as well as saves time and battery power.

Overhead ceiling lifts solve the problems that traditional floor-based lifts have presented.
Now, with the Guardian Voyager lifter and Easytrack System, caregivers can easily transfer family members or
loved ones from a bed to a wheelchair, wheelchair to bath or any where else within the range of the
Easytrack System without permanently defacing their homes.

A Guardian Voyager with Easytrack System can be the enabling factor that allows the home to be the primary place for care.
And because the system is portable and can be setup without tools in as little as 5 minutes, it offers the flexibility to travel.
The Voyager allows the sling to go all the way to the floor and up to a height of 48" for maximum lifting flexibility.
Rechargeable Battery:  24V 2AH AGM Lead Acid sealed Battery provides 10-30 transfers per battery charge, depending on patient weight.
2 Button remote Handset with spiral 6' cord.  Only 12 lbs. with battery.
 Stock photo used, it's the same except for the sling.
Pre-owned set complete with 1 track & 2 posts, charger, battery. Just $2,l95
ADDITIONAL 2 pre-owned POSTS & 1 pre-owned TRACK AVAILABLE, at additional costs.
2 post Easy Track sells for over $1,100
4 post Easy Track sells for over $2,500
Lift alone sells for over $2,800
(the actual lift photo)
TAKE-ALONG PORTABLE PATIENT LIFT    Model l000 Portable Transfer Aid
The lift transfers patients in a very natural, comfortable and dignified manner, allowing it to be used comfortably outside the home, as well
as inside.  Light-Weight:  Weighing only about 46 pounds, its light weight makes it easy and convenient to take it with you.

Compact:  The lifts' legs can be placed either straight ahead or spread apart for transfers, or folded in for storage.  When folded, it fits easily
in the trunk of a car without disassembly, and can be unfolded for use in seconds.  
Maneuverable:  Its small size allows it to maneuver
easily in tight spaces.  
Portable:  With the lifts' legs and support arms folded, the lift can be rolled like rolling luggage, and stored in a closet
or car trunk.  
Effortless:  Very little effort is required to turn the crank to lift a patient.    Convenient:  Either the patient or attendant may raise
and lower the lift by turning the conveniently accessible crank, allowing the patient to participate in the transfer process if desired.

Weight Capacity: 300 lbs.  -  Weight:  Approx. 46 lbs.   (May be separated into two parts of 23 pounds each)
Lift Size: Folded: 25" Wide, 13" Deep, 37 "Tall.   Legs Open: 25" Wide, 30" Deep, 37 " Tall.   Legs Spread: 39" Wide, 30" Deep, 37" Tall.
Lifting Range: Minimum Seat Height: Approx. 12".     Maximum Seat Height: Approx. 32".

Please Note: The PTA is intended for transferring between sitting positions.  When transferring from / to surfaces without a back
support, individuals should have sufficient upper body balance to support themselves in a sitting position prior to and after transferring.

Just like new!   Sells new for $1,900.  Pre-Owned Available Soon.   Slings are additional.  
New Slings are available for purchase directly from the manufacturer: www.takealonglifts.com  
Split Sling: $115  Seat Sling: $75     Extension Straps: $50 (for use with Seat Sling, when lifting someone from the floor)
The EasyPivot Model EP-82
A lightweight homecare unit. This versatile lift fits most customers of average size.

Like the Model EP-110, the Model EP-82 has a center column for exceptional balance, total-lock wheels, and dual pull handles.

The Model EP-82 will pass through a 24" wide doorway when configured in its narrow wheelbase setting.  225 pounds maximum, 6' 2" maximum
Powder Coated Welded Steel Frame.  High-Resiliency Foam Pads.  Front Total-Lock 1" wide by 3" diameter wheels.  Arm cuff.
Invacare Reliant  "RPS 350"  POWER STAND UP LIFT  Power Patient Transfer
Who can use it?
The Standing Lift has several advantages over standard (Hoyer) Patient Lift. However, it is not for everyone. Individuals that use
RPS350 is easy.  Not only does the RPS350 bring the patient to a standing position, the Stand Up Lift is perfect for transfers from
bed to wheelchair, wheelchair to toilet, tub transfer benches.

Handle patients at home like a professional. The standing lift is efficient in the home and very easy to use.
The electric motor does all the work. The RPS-350 includes rechargeable battery and charger.
Incredible, easy & great to use lift !   MSRP $4,778  Sells new for $3,826 !
Includes a sling.   Excellent pre-owned lift:     SOLD !
Adjustable height & arms.
Walker with armrests.

Invacare's Reliant  450
Provides safe and reliable transfers
with the ability to easily adjust and
lock securely into the open position
with the padded shifter handle.  
Padded swivel bar with 360 degrees
rotation & six-point hookup allows use
of Invacare chain-free slings and
older-style slings with chains or
straps.  Secure locking wheel casters.  
Perfect mfg 2010 yr.  Barely been used,
looks just like new !   
450 lb. cap.  
Invacare 9805 Chrome
The Flexiciser PMTD™ Original is the most popular home use model among wheelchair users.

It fits individuals of average heights and 95% of the wheelchair types
including manual wheelchairs, power wheelchairs and scooters.  

Flexiciser® technology provides active, passive, and resistive movement therapy for arms &
legs at the same time.  You can roll your wheelchair up, strap in and you are ready to go.
PASSIVE MODE: Motor Assisted Only.
ACTIVE MODE: Ability to override the motor by manually moving the handlebars at a
rate faster than that of the motor.
RESISTIVE MODE: Resisting the motor by pushing the opposite way of the handlebars.
Temporary & locking
brakes.  Small casters
best for indoor use.
(the actual
battery &
The actual lift, battery & charger,
remote, large commode sling.
The actual lift, large commode sling.
(other slings available here)
Invacare Tracer EX2
20" wide x 16" deep seat
Desk length removable
armrests for easy transfers.
Solid tires, removable swing away
legrests, flip-up
BRAND NEW armpads.  Pre-owned.

Clean. Just serviced.  Good shape.  
(elevating legrests additional)
18" wide x 16" deep Seat   
19 Pounds without footrests or wheels.
Quick release wheels, flip back arms.
New airless tires (or pneumatic)
Great condition.  
Our Price: $275*
18" wide x 16" deep seat
Desk length removable Flip-Backarmrests for easy transfers.
Removable aluminum legrests are adjustable flip up footplates.
Removable wheels & legrests makes it light & compact !
BRAND NEW airless tires & armpads
(gel & foam cushion shown is not included, it and other cushions are available)
Just Expertly Serviced !  Pre-owned.  Just $450     (cost $2,500 new)
Invacare Veranda
18" wide x 16" deep seat
Desk length removable
armrests for easy transfers.
Solid tires, removable swing away
legrests, flip-up footplates.
BRAND NEW armpads.
Clean. Just serviced.  Good shape.  
(elevating legrests additional)
Temporary & locking
brakes.  Small casters  
Back folds down, chair
folds in half.  Pre-owned.  
(file photo used)

Adjustable height.

I tried it 2x: $40